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Chelsea Manning for MD Senator? Opinion
by vet22 at 1/14/2018 7:59:18 AM

Do you think she is qualified to serve?


1/14/2018 8:30:20 AM

If trump can do it why not

1/14/2018 8:37:36 AM

Apples and oranges, Boom.

1/14/2018 8:44:46 AM

I love apples and oranges

1/14/2018 8:54:27 AM

The question is a constitutional one. Do you believe she is qualified to serve as a U.S. Senator based solely upon your knowledge of her and on the Constitution?

1/14/2018 9:03:41 AM

He is a felon!!!! Should still be in a prison.

1/14/2018 9:49:11 AM

Vet you have to give us a run down on the bio of this person. We all from different areas of the U.S. and not familiar with him.

1/14/2018 12:50:24 PM

Cafe, Chelsea Manning is the soldier who leaked intelligence to Wikileaks while stationed in Iraq. She was cout-martialed and sentenced to 35 years in Ft. Leavenworth. Before leaving office Pres. Obama commuted her sentence and she was released. She took up residence in MD. She is running as a Dem. against Ben Cardin, the senior Senator from MD and senior member on th Foreign Affairs Comm. My question addresses whether she qualifies to run under the terms addressed in Art. 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

1/14/2018 1:43:02 PM

I remember now, as soon as you mentioned the leak and I sure remember the pardon. Despicable. A disgrace to her country, to endanger others in the line of duty. She still needs to be locked up and pardon Julian Assuage instead. Do you think she has a snowballs change in he11 of winning?

1/14/2018 1:44:23 PM

This would be a great post in the Forums in CE and P as they have an actual vote ability for posters there.

1/14/2018 1:51:07 PM

there all snakes on the hill why not throw a wolf in the den. lol

1/14/2018 2:43:17 PM

It is still a HE not a she.

1/14/2018 3:00:18 PM

Silly, the fact that she was given gender reassignment is of no significance to the blog subject. Cafe, do not confuse the words “pardon” and “commute” for they have totally different meanings. “Commute” removes the punishment while “pardon” removes the offense. Senate clearance of background is mandated in Art. 1. Not withstanding any other facts, I believe the background check alone disqualifies her from serving.

1/14/2018 3:55:46 PM

Not really in reply to your question in the blog, but I LOVE that "it" is running. Hope she wins the preliminary at least. This will only show how far left the Dims are and will go.

1/14/2018 4:06:32 PM

you keep calling it a she. the DNA will still say Male!

1/14/2018 5:23:31 PM

I don’t disagree with you Silly. If you want to keep running down that rabbit hole - run on with it. Maybe you should spend a little time reading Article 1 of the Constitution so you understand the subject of the blog. I regret initiating the blog now.

1/14/2018 6:02:19 PM

I personally would not trust her, she broke the rules that she swore to uphold. NOPE not a winner.