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looking 4 luv as well as fun
by latingirl99 at 7/13/2017 4:05:55 PM

I'm looking for a nice guy to have fun with an get to know plezzzzzzzzzz hit me up........


7/13/2017 4:44:07 PM

Good Luck Darlin!!

7/13/2017 6:37:37 PM

Jack Good luck op.

7/13/2017 8:36:46 PM good frog does my want a tatoo.jack ,funny thing happen. I had turned down the aoundcon my car radio when used the phone.i had hit the displayboff button .I thought the radio had died.called the guy up .then went dang.i still hear sound...gee I could read the manual. ..old radios were just turn it bass and all adjusted tho..sounds good !

7/13/2017 8:39:35 PM

Op.sorry got distracted ..good luck frogvi got on the hood of my car a joke hood ornament .car called Kermit. Blog joke ... well good luck .

7/13/2017 8:53:01 PM

@ Terry, Again Pioneer's A Good Brand and Have Been Around For Years. Radio Let Alone Stereo Head Units Have Come A Long Way! Some Have A Built In Tv*

7/13/2017 9:44:52 PM

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7/13/2017 9:47:23 PM

7/13/2017 9:47:49 PM

7/14/2017 7:02:29 AM

Made that old country song pop into my mind looking for love in all the wrong places. @ OP love is not always fun I have been married for 34 years and in love for 35 its been great but not always fun there has been a lot of fun and good times. But love and fun are not always the same thing. I have seen so many people over the years throw what they called love away. Just to go have fun or what they thought was fun.kind of makes me think that they were eather very selfish or they had mistaken love for lust eather way there love was not very strong. good luck with your search